It's like Russian agriculture, even piglets have imported feed

Frozen Pork Ham & Shoulder
Published Apr 29, 2021

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Perhaps in our modern history, food prices have never risen so dramatically as in recent months. At the most decisive moment, Vladimir Putin even intervened in the situation. Gave a scolding to officials, they took administrative measures - but the prices still will not calm down, "sometimes here and there" even reaches empty shelves of sugar.

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One can argue about who is winding them, pulling the rope - the manufacturer or retail chains. But one thing is clear: the past coronavirus year has exposed agricultural problems that previously remained behind the scenes. And today, as luck would have it, all 33 misfortunes - production costs, the volatility of the ruble, the shortage of labor migrants ... Generally speaking, it would be strange if the current situation with food and prices for them sooner or later did not make itself felt. All the years of perestroika, we officially believed that the domestic village was such a black hole that no matter how much you put billions into it, the cat would cry for no reason. And what is most reasonable is to buy food from Western farmers, there is an overproduction of it. And we have oil and gas, therefore, petrodollars have nowhere to go. There is even a term for such a case, called - international cooperation. Why, say, grow corn in the Arctic Circle if it is three times cheaper to ...
Source: Agrovesti
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