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Brazil: It's time to take advantage of bean prices

Chegou a hora de aproveitar os preços do feijão
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Apr 27, 2022
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According to the Brazilian Institute of Beans and Pulses (Ibrafe), the time has come for the producer to take advantage of the good prices of Carioca beans and for the packer to take advantage of the prices of Black beans. This is because more than 30 million Brazilians will receive R$ 28.35 billion from the anticipation made by the federal government within the government aid plan for the population to face the economic effects of the pandemic. “According to some researchers, of this total, about 30% will go to the consumption of basic products.
These resources will be added to the salary payment period, which should lead the consumer to run to the supermarket as in the past, before it loses value in the face of inflation”, says Ibrafe. In this scenario, the demand for Carioca beans kept pace, with a good volume of business, when we take into account the little production. From R$330/340 in Paraná, beans of a lower standard or harvested in January, to a very rare product harvested in Minas Gerais for R$380. With the good pace of retail sales in March repeated in April, it is a challenge for packers serve retailers. Black beans may be close to their limit if we take Paraná base businesses for R$ 260. With such a price difference in relation to carioca beans and even with the arrival of milder temperatures, typical of autumn, the consumption trend increases for Black beans”, he adds. “The reduction in the area planted with beans in Mato Grosso is frightening. ...
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