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Australia: JCU and Tattykeel collaborate on Margra lamb project

Dec 16, 2021
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James Cook University researchers have teamed up with renowned NSW Australian White stud Tattykeel to make their micro-marbled lamb brand even better. A genetic quality assurance index is being developed at JCU for Tattykeel's Margra lamb, building off an existing research relationship that has helped the Oberon-based stud to identify which genetic lines provided the finest eating quality.
The Margra lamb has been dished up at restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai and Los Angeles, winning acclaim from chefs. JCU animal geneticist and nutritionist Associate Professor Aduli Malau-Aduli and his team will work with Tattykeel, the birthplace of the Australian White breed, on the project. "We intend to provide farmers at the farmgate level with some form of a test where they can identify animals that carry a natural genetic ability to produce meat-eating quality characteristics," Prof Malau-Aduli said. "A lot of the tools that are out there are based on estimated breeding value but this will be based on actual eating quality indices that have been tested in the laboratory that we can then link to the DNA of the particular animal." The project, supported by a Science and Industry Endowment Fund Ross Metcalf STEM+ Business Fellowship grant, administered by CSIRO, will see JCU receive more than $450,000 over two years. MORE READING: Through the support of ...
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