South Korea: Jeju open field tangerines and winter vegetables were damaged by unusual November hail

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South Korea
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Published Nov 20, 2023

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Unusual hail fell in various parts of Jeju Island on November 17th, causing concerns about damage to crops such as field tangerines and winter vegetables. The hail, which is more common in May and June, occurred in November, leading to worries about poor growth and additional damage to unharvested fruits and vegetables. The Jeju Island Agricultural Research and Extension Services emphasized the need for thorough follow-up management, including checking damaged areas and spraying disinfectants, to minimize the impact of the hail on the crops.
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The Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Agricultural Research and Extension Services (Director Sang-Hwan Ko) announced that sporadic hail fell in various parts of the province on the 17th, causing damage to crops. On the 17th, hail accompanied by showers, thunder, and lightning was found to have fallen in the areas of Bongae-dong and Hoecheon-dong in Jeju City, Hallim-ri, Ongpo-ri, and Myeongwol-ri in Hallim-eup, Deokcheon-ri in Gujwa-eup, and Jungmun-dong and Daepo-dong in Seogwipo-si between 1 PM and 3 PM on the 17th. It is known that hail occurs most often between May and June, when spring transitions into summer, but this time, unusually, it occurred in November. The Jeju Island Agricultural Research and Extension Services said that since this hail damage was very localized, occurring only in certain villages in the same town or township, appropriate management was required, such as checking damaged areas such as damaged leaves and branches, and spraying disinfectants early ...
Source: JejuIlbo
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