China: The traditional process of pressing tea oil increases people's income and makes them rich in Jiande, Zhejiang

Updated Jan 28, 2022
Recently, all parts of the country are happily welcoming the arrival of the Spring Festival. In Jiande, Zhejiang, locals increase their income through the traditional pressing of tea oil.
Rao Youhua, a villager in Lijia Town, Jiande, Hangzhou, has been planting tea trees for more than 30 years. His 20-acre tea garden has been harvested, and camellias are swaying on the branches to show people this year's harvest. Rao Youhua, a villager in Lijia Town, Jiande City, said: "Each household has about 10 mu of land and an annual income of about 15,000 yuan. The management of tea trees is to prune branches one month before tea picking. It's all green now. It is understood that the planting area of camellia oleifera in Lijia Town, Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province is 17,000 mu. There are 9 camellia professional cooperatives and camellia oil production enterprises, with an annual output value of 22 million yuan, which drives local farmers to increase their income by 2,000 yuan per mu per year. Cultivate and expand the base of Chinese medicinal materials 52, driving more than 500 households in the Chinese herbal medicine industry, with an annual sales of more than 21 ...
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