Turkey: Karaburun Municipality shares its olive harvest with cooperatives

Olive Oil
Published Nov 13, 2021

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Accordingly, the harvesting process in approximately 95 decares of olive groves located in different parts of the district and owned by the Municipality will be carried out by Batı Mahallesileri Agricultural Development Cooperative and Eğlenhoca Agricultural Development Cooperative. A 10% share of the olive oil obtained will be given to the cooperatives that carry out the olive harvest, which has an important place among the agricultural income sources of the Karaburun Municipality.

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Karaburun Mayor Ilkay Girgin Erdogan, who stated that they signed an exemplary cooperation with the development cooperatives operating in the district, with the decision taken at the November Assembly Meeting of the Karaburun Municipality, said that they carried out works that serve the common welfare of the district by using the possibilities of the Municipality with maximum efficiency with the vision of "local development". told. // THEY ARE THE MASTER OF THE NATION Stating that the olive groves of different sizes in the district are harvested through cooperatives, the Municipality shares its bread with the producers, saying, "We support our producers, whom Atatürk defined as 'masters of the nation', to a minimum level and support them on our own scale. By using full capacity this season, we will ensure that more of our citizens have access to healthy food." said // FACILITY WAS RENOVATED FROM BOTH TOGETHER "Our facility has two-phase production technology, which is the highest ...
Source: Sondakika
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