Kazakhstan increased imports of tangerines by 44.4%, oranges by 22.3% and pineapples by 2.9 times

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Published Dec 23, 2023

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The volume of fruit imports in Kazakhstan decreased by 8.3% from January to October 2023, with grapes, limes/lemons, pomelo/grapefruit, melons/bananas/watermelon, and cherries/peaches/plums/apricots seeing decreases in import volume. However, there were increases in the import volume of tangerines, oranges, pears/apples, dates, and pineapples. Specifically, there were significant increases in the imports of tangerines and oranges, while the imports of pears/apples, dates, and pineapples also saw an increase. The main countries of origin for these fruits were Turkey, China, Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Poland, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Israel, and Costa Rica.
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In 2023, the volume of imports of pineapples and tangerines in Kazakhstan increased, but the volume of imports of grapes decreased. In general, during the period from January to October, 457.1 thousand tons (-8.3%) of fruit were imported into the country. The Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reform of the Republic of Kazakhstan informs about this. According to information, grapes were imported to the Republic of Kazakhstan from China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (53.4 thousand tons; -31%), limes and lemons - from Turkey, Argentina and Tajikistan (4.8 thousand tons; -30%), pomelo and grapefruit - from South Africa and China (5.8 thousand tons; -26%), melons, bananas and watermelons - from Iran, Uzbekistan, Ecuador and the Russian Federation (62.2 thousand tons; -12.2%), cherries, peaches, plums and apricots - from Tajikistan, China and Uzbekistan (48.9 thousand tons; -4.6%). As noted, some fruits were imported into the country in larger ...
Source: Agrosektor
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