South Korea: The governor of South Jeolla Province inspects the status of dried seaweed quality management system

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Published Feb 26, 2024

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South Jeolla Province Governor Kim Young-rok has visited the Goheung-gun Fisheries Cooperative to discuss strategies for expanding the seaweed export market. Despite the province accounting for 78% of South Korea's seaweed production, the product is undervalued internationally due to a lack of quality control standards. To rectify this, the province has enhanced hygiene and quality control standards, aiming for seaweed exports worth $300 million. A seaweed inspection center was established last year to introduce a quality grading system, and the governor plans to extend this system to regional fisheries cooperatives, with a goal to expand the export market to 5 trillion won by 2030.
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On the 20th, South Jeolla Province Governor Kim Young-rok visited the dried seaweed inspection station that implements the seaweed grading system at the Goheung-gun Fisheries Cooperative to check the current status and discuss ways to expand the seaweed export market, such as operating an international seaweed exchange. About 30 people, including Goheung County Mayor Gong Young-min and South Jeolla Province lawmakers Song Hyeong-gon and Park Seon-jun, participated in the on-site visit that day. Jeonnam accounts for 78% of the nation's seaweed production, and Goheung is establishing itself as the mecca of seaweed production, accounting for 34% of Jeonnam's seaweed production. However, in the international market, dried seaweed from Japan is sold at 10,000 won per cob, that from China at 6,000 won, and from Korea at 4,000 won. The price of Korean dried seaweed is relatively undervalued in overseas markets due to the lack of quality control standards. Accordingly, South Jeolla ...
Source: Fisheco
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