Less fruit and more vegetables in European production

Published Feb 5, 2024

Tridge summary

The Fruit Logistica European Statistics Manual forecasts a decline in fruit production and a rise in vegetable production in Europe by 2023, largely due to climate change. This scarcity has led to increased prices and decreased consumption. The industry is also grappling with rising costs of seeds, plants, agrochemicals, machinery, and fuel, as well as a manpower shortage. The report notes a decrease in organic products and an increase in discounters in distribution. It also highlights Italy's loss of market share in certain fruits like pears and kiwis to other countries.
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Original content

A Europe with different traction, increasingly conditioned by climate change, with fruit losing volume in 2023 (-2%) to the advantage of vegetables (+2%). This is one of the salient aspects of the new edition of the Fruit Logistica European Statistics Manual, produced by Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (Ami) in collaboration with the fair's official media partner, Fruitnet Media International. A detailed analysis of the fruit and vegetable production industry in European markets and the main sources of supply. Scarcity in several product categories has increased the prices of fruit and vegetables, depressing consumption. If the big problem of the soaring costs of gas and electricity seems somewhat reduced, including those of fertilizers, other production factors have a strong impact. In particular the increases in the costs of seeds, plants, agrochemicals, machinery and fuel. There is also a chronic shortage of manpower which makes mechanization and automation necessary for ...
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