Egypt's Butchers Division clarifies the prices of meat imported from Chad

Published Mar 14, 2023

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Haitham Abdel Basset, deputy head of the butchers division at the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, said that meat imported from Chad will soon be offered, explaining that the rumors circulating about such meat are incorrect. Abdel Basset added, during his telephone conversations with the journalist Amr Adib, on the Al-Hekaya program on MBC Egypt, that calves will be brought in from Chad, and then they will be fed with Egyptian fodder for 45 days, so that the meat tastes like municipal meat and is suitable for the taste of citizens. The deputy head of the butchers division revealed that the price of meat imported from Chad will range from 150 to 160 pounds per kilo, which will be less than the municipal counterpart, which starts from 200 pounds, which works to balance the market and reduce the price of local meat. It is noteworthy that the price of a kilo of municipal meat ranges from 200 to 250 pounds, while a kilo of refrigerated Sudanese meat is offered at 165 pounds, and a kilo of frozen Brazilian meat at 120 pounds. Abdel Basset pointed out that a meeting was held between the Butchers Division and the Ministry of Supply last February, during which it was clarified that the state has a number of origins from which meat is imported.

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Abdel Basset said: We are a country that does not produce meat or fodder, and the government must intervene to balance supply and demand. Likewise, the cultivation of fodder must be expanded in Egypt, because what controls the cost of meat is the fodder, and its high price leads to an increase in meat prices. And Al-Mal had published a few days ago that quantities of no less than 10,000 ...
Source: Almalnews
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