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Macadamia nut is the fastest growing nut plant in the world

Orzech makadamia to najszybciej rosnąca roślina orzechowa na świecie!
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Macadamia Kernel
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Dec 3, 2020
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Over the next seven years, analysts predict that the macadamia nut will quadruple global trade. Currently, the macadamia plantation area is expanding rapidly in Africa, especially South Africa, as well as in Australia and China. The macadamia nut is native to Australia and grows on a fairly tall evergreen tree that can reach 12 meters in height. There are hard and relatively softer varieties of nuts.
The shells of hard macadamia nuts are five times harder than hazelnuts. Interestingly, in agriculture, macadamia (Queensland walnut) does not bear fruit until 7 years after planting, but it provides high yields for over 100 years. - experts say. Currently, the share of this nut in the world production of nuts has already reached almost one and a half percent. And this percentage, according to experts' forecasts, will grow very quickly. South Africa is currently the largest macadamia producer, harvesting around 54,000 tonnes per year. Thus, South Africa represents 27 percent of world production. Australia also produces an additional 43,000 tonnes of macadamia nuts. Read also: Strawberries in Finland - a new technique of year-round cultivation Due to its rich chemical composition, macadamia nut has a number of health and nutritional properties, positively influencing our health. First of all, the high content of essential fatty acids (EFAs) has an impact on the appropriate level of ...
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