Malaysian traders are being slapped by the ministry regarding rising vegetable prices

Published Feb 9, 2023

Tridge summary

The Ministry of Commerce has warned Malaysian traders to comply with the Price Control and Anti-Historical Profits Act 2011 (PCAPA). A spokesperson for the Profit Control Unit and Industry Compliance Division commented on a statement from the Consumers Association of Penang claiming that vegetable prices have risen by more than 160% over the past month.

Original content

Chairman Mohideen Abdul Kader said last week that the price of okra had risen from RM6 per kg to RM16 per kg, an increase of 166%. He added that other vegetables that had risen in price included long beans which had risen from RM6 per kg to RM12 per kg (100%), tomatoes from RM4.50 per kg to RM10 per kg (120%), green beans from RM6 per kg to RM12 per kg (100%) and eggplant from RM7 per kg to RM12 per kg (71%). While ...
Source: AGF
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