Mango shipments to the United States recovered

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Published Apr 20, 2024

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In the 15th week ending on April 13, the US market saw a significant surge in mango shipments from Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, totaling 3,022,066 boxes, a nearly 30% increase from the previous week's 2,331,542 boxes. Mexico was the largest contributor with 2,357,157 boxes, followed by Guatemala and Nicaragua. This increase ranged from 10% to 35% across these countries, with Tommy Atkins and Ataulfo being the predominant varieties, constituting 59% and 35% of the shipments, respectively. Despite this surge, forecasts predict a 5% decrease in mango shipments from week 16 to week 21 compared to the previous year, anticipating a drop in arrivals by week 17.
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The National Mango Board reported that in week 15 - which ended on April 13 - the volume of mango shipped from Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua to the US market was 3,022,066 boxes, which translates to almost 30% more than expected. exported the previous week (2,331,542 boxes). The three countries are harvesting and packing fruit. The top two varieties shipped remain Tommy Atkins (59%) and Ataulfo (35%). Haden, Keitt, Manila and Thai supply is limited. MEXICO The volume shipped to the United States was 2,357,157 boxes, for a total of 17,508,621 for the season. Volume increased 29% compared to week 14. GUATEMALA The volume shipped was 602,509 boxes for a total of 1,631,339 for the season. The volume of the week analyzed is 35% higher than the previous one. NICARAGUA The country shipped some 62,400 boxes to the US market. This week's volume is 10% more than what was shipped last ...
Source: MXfruit
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