Manisa vineyards, 200 thousand decares in one district, only 200 decares in another district in Turkey

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Published Feb 27, 2024

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Manisa, a province in Turkey, is a key player in the country's raisin production, exporting an average of 250 thousand tons annually. The province is renowned for its Manisa Sultani Seedless Grapes, which are exported globally, with a significant portion going to EU countries. The districts of Sarıgöl and Alaşehir are particularly known for their table grape production. The article also provides a comprehensive overview of the vineyard areas in each district of Manisa.
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Manisa supplies a large portion of Turkey's raisin production. Especially Manisa Sultani Seedless Grapes have become the symbol of this province. Manisa, which exports an average of 250 thousand tons of raisins annually, is an important producer worldwide. However, it is also a matter of curiosity how much vineyard area there is in each district in Manisa. Let's examine the answer together! Where Are Grapes Exported? Vintners export the grapes they carefully grow to many countries, from Japan to Jamaica, from Germany to the United States. However, most of the exports are to EU countries, especially the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. Have credit card installments been removed? Minister Şimşek announced! Sarıgöl and Alaşehir Stand Out Sarıgöl and Alaşehir districts are among the prominent regions in table grape production. In Manisa, which exports an average of 200 thousand tons of table grapes annually, 224 thousand tons of fresh grapes were exported in 2022, and 130 ...
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