The price of metastatic milk in Poland is rising

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Published Mar 26, 2021

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The situation on the milk market is quite dynamic. The increase in demand for raw material from dairy cooperatives and other processing entities has resulted in an increase in the prices of the so-called transfer milk and cream - assesses Waldemar Broś, president of the National Association of Dairy Cooperatives.

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In the first two months of this year, farmers sold about 32 million liters less (ie approx. 1.6%) than in the previous year. The average price of purchased milk for this period was over PLN 1.49 / liter, i.e. PLN 149.36 in January for 100 liters and PLN 149.17 in February for 100 liters and was higher than in the previous year PLN 0.12 / liter i.e. by about 9% (January - PLN 137.19 / 100 liters, February - PLN 137.38 / 100 liters). The highest prices were paid to farmers in the province. Podlaskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Lubuskie and Dolnośląskie. Are you looking for a warehouse for rent. See offers on The production of basic dairy products, mainly dairy products, milk, cream, cottage cheese and butter, was quite stable. The production of matured cheeses, which is over 10% lower than in the previous year, is a cause for concern. - As usual, and this year - it has been happening for many years - the biggest problem of the Polish dairy industry is the lack of ...
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