Meat exports hit the domestic supply of cattle in Colombia

Published Mar 26, 2021

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According to the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen (Fedegán), in the first month of this year international sales of meat and offal from Colombia totaled 3,366 tons for USD12.5 million. In live animals, the figures were 25,507 animals worth US $ 13.3 million. In the first month of the year, the ranking of the main buyers of beef and / or live animals was led, in their order, by Egypt , Hong Kong and Lebanon, followed by Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Qatar, Congo and Aruba. José Félix Lafaurie, Fedegán's executive president, stated that “the goal in the short term is to reach the US $ 500 million in exports. More and more countries are opening the doors to Colombian meat: Chile, Qatar, Macao and soon we will arrive in Indonesia with meat and live animals. ”According to Fedegán, in the case of live animals, the countries that bought the most steers Colombians were: Iraq, 14,598 heads (USD 8.3 million) and Egypt, 10,909 heads (5 million dollars). ...
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