Meat prices in Egypt today, Friday, May 17, 2024, in butcher shops and outlets

Published May 18, 2024

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The article provides an overview of meat prices in the markets on Friday, 5/17/2024. It details the price range for various meats, including beef, minced meat, local liver, camel meat, goat, lamb, and imported calves, with prices varying based on the quality, cut, and type (lean or with fat). Prices are given in pounds and are sourced from local traders, supermarkets, and Ministry of Agriculture outlets. Additionally, the article mentions the cost of processed meat products like sausages and burgers, and the significant cost difference between buffalo and beef cattle.
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Meat prices varied today, Friday 5/17/2024, recording the price of a kilo of beef between 330 and 450 pounds, depending on the quality and cut in the markets, and minced meat 280 to 345 pounds, and local liver 380 to 480 pounds, and kofta 325, and meat and minced camel 360 pounds, according to a number of merchants. Traders confirmed that the price of Brazilian minced meat fluctuated between 220 and 240 pounds in the shops, and that the Hilla kebab was 240 pounds, the liver was 140 pounds per kilo, and the sausage, burger, and kofta were 250 pounds in the market, according to a number of traders. Merchants reported that the price of a kilo of vegetable meat with fat is 350, a kebab of Hilla is 420, and local cuts are 410 pounds in supermarkets, and the price of trebianco or filo and local liver is 480 pounds. Traders reported that the price of a kilogram of live buffalo is 155 pounds, the price of a head is 35,000 pounds, and a head of beef cattle is 40,000 pounds for the average ...
Source: Almalnews
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