Italy: Melons and peaches are still on the pole, while asparagus and lettuce are good

Published May 8, 2024

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The article reports on the impact of adverse weather conditions on the market prices and demand for various fruits and vegetables in Italy, as observed by Bmti. It highlights an early end to the asparagus season due to increased prices, stable red onion prices, a slight increase in green bean prices, and a decrease in strawberry demand leading to lower prices. Lettuce prices continue to rise due to production challenges, while melon demand is low and their prices are decreasing. Japanese medlars' prices are stable, and pepper prices are decreasing after initial increases. The peach and nectarine season has started with Spanish production, but demand is not yet strong due to suboptimal quality and weather. Courgette prices have decreased following a sharp increase, and the market is being supplemented by Sicilian and Lazio greenhouse production.
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According to Bmti findings, the bad weather is definitely affecting fruit and vegetable prices, with the typical varieties of the period not taking off The persistence of the bad weather, especially between the north and center of the Peninsula, is also known to be reflected in fruit and vegetables, with melons not taking off, and a decreasing demand for strawberries and peaches that have not taken off. According to Bmti findings, asparagus, which will end the season early, is still performing well, as are lettuces, which are affected by the difficulties in the countryside and are increasing further compared to the previous week. Asparagus, prices on the rise Decreasing quantities and increasing prices for asparagus. The season, which started at full speed and with high quantities thanks to above average temperatures, is coming to an early end. Prices have risen in recent weeks, reaching very high levels compared to twelve months ago. Demand continues to travel at good levels. ...
Source: Terraevita
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