Chile: Ministry of Agriculture highlights low prices of seasonal fruits and vegetables

Published Oct 12, 2022

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“There is the possibility of preparing meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, which rose less than the average CPI, unlike processed foods, which rose more. The OECD has recommended that Chile improve its eating habits and it is recommended to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, hopefully every day”, thus, the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, called for listing and choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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Santiago, October 11, 2022.- The executive secretary of the National Commission for Food Security and Sovereignty, Andrea García explained that "in the CPI for September there is an increase in food, but there is a decrease in the price of seasonal fruits and vegetables and there they highlight the broccoli, artichoke, celery and what we invite is to specifically consume these foods whose prices are falling and should continue to fall in the coming weeks." The authorities referred to these figures during the delivery of the Green MAT indicator, which was attended by the executive chef of the Regal Pacific hotel, Enrique Araya. For his part, Minister Esteban Valenzuela reaffirmed that prices have decreased and, in addition, called for quotes and consumption in places where prices have been seen to fall the most. “The avocado, the artichoke, also part of the cabbage, the celery have gone down. It is important to consider that lemons and potatoes maintain their traditional prices ...
Source: Odepa
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