Russia: Mongolia and Kazakhstan began to sow 2 times more Altai seeds

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Published Jan 27, 2024

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In 2023, Russia's Altai Territory experienced a significant increase in seed material exports, selling 7.7 thousand tons abroad, a 2.5 times increase from 2022. The primary buyers were Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, with wheat being the most exported crop. Other exported crops included mustard, corn, alfalfa, oats, millet, sorghum, barley, and Sudan grass. The quality of these seeds was assessed through a study of 1,750 samples by the Altai branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Grain Quality Assessment Center”.
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In 2023, the export of seed material from the Altai Territory increased by 2.5 times compared to the previous year, according to specialists from the Altai branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Grain Quality Assessment Center”. Last year, Altai farmers sold 7.7 thousand tons of seeds abroad, while in the previous year 2022 this figure was only 3 thousand tons. Last year, Altai seed had three buyers from abroad: Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Belarusian buyers were exclusively interested in fodder vetch and purchased 924 tons of seeds of this crop for the first time in two years. All remaining seed exports were distributed between Kazakhstan and Mongolia. As expected, wheat has become the main crop from the Altai Territory for cultivation abroad. For the first time in two years, Mongolia purchased 4.8 thousand tons of seeds, and Kazakhstan - 941 tons (this figure is less than in the previous year - in 2022, 1.17 thousand tons of wheat seeds were supplied to ...
Source: Agroxxi
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