Most severe outbreak of bird flu in Europe ever

Published Dec 31, 2021

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Europe is struggling with the most severe outbreak of bird flu ever. That is what researchers from the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI) say to the ANP. This German government institute investigates all outbreaks of infectious animal diseases and keeps track of the number of outbreaks per region. The problems are said to be widespread and, according to the researchers, "the end is not yet in sight."

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The researchers see new reports of bird flu cases coming in every day from Finland to the Faroe Islands and from Ireland to Portugal. In Germany alone, 394 infections have been detected in wild birds since the beginning of October. It would mainly concern ducks, geese, swans and gulls. Germany is therefore one of the worst affected countries. During the same period, 675 infections in wild animals were reported across Europe, according to the FLI. In the past month this was the case most in Germany (91 times) and in the Netherlands (74 times). 534 bird flu outbreaks in European companies As of October this year, 534 bird flu has been detected at European poultry farms and the number continues to rise. In the same period, this was the case at 46 German poultry farms, with turkeys, ducks, layers, geese, broilers and also parent stock. Companies in Belgium and France are also infected with bird flu. The latest outbreak in Belgium is in Veurne, near the French border, where there are ...
Source: Nieuwe Oogst
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