Mozambique: Intense heat kills crops in Matola, Maputo province

Fresh Lettuce
Published Feb 28, 2024

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Severe heat in Matola municipality, Maputo province, has caused substantial damage to agricultural crops, leading to losses for small farmers. The most affected crops are lettuce, cabbage, corn, and peanuts. This situation could exacerbate the vegetable shortage in the main markets of Maputo city and province. Alexandre Honwana, the president of the Union of Farmers’ Associations in the Green Zones of Matola, warns that the heat is causing a produce shortage in the agricultural plots and could impede replanting for the next growing season.
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Intense heat has destroyed large areas of agricultural crops and caused losses for small farmers in Matola municipality, Maputo province. The situation could exacerbate the shortage of vegetables in the main markets in the city and province of Maputo. Of the crops most affected by the intense heat in this part of the country are lettuce and cabbage in low-lying areas, and corn and peanuts in higher areas. The president of the Union of Farmers’ Associations in the Green Zones of Matola, Alexandre Honwana, said that the heat was ...
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