Berries that are most profitable to grow in Ukraine

Published Dec 3, 2021

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The berry and fruit and vegetable business is gaining popularity in Ukraine. Through trials, failures and successes, Ukrainian producers receive certificates, organize processing and finishing, and enter export markets. This area is interesting because both large companies and small farmers can work here. However, in order to succeed, you should take into account market trends. This was reported by SEEDS, writes

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Currently, raspberries and currants are especially popular among berries, and some varieties of plums and cherries are especially popular among stone fruits. But both cherries and raspberries are now more profitable to grow for freezing, according to AgroTimes. As for plums, round varieties are more popular, but the demand for the so-called "cucumber" is low. “Currants were once uprooted a lot, and now this product is in short supply on the market. Raspberries have been and will be profitable, especially now that there is frost. But it needs to have a normal shaft on it. If we have low yields, there will be no low cost. Niche products such as cranberries, actinidia, and honeysuckle can still be developed, but they are very few, but they may be suitable for small farmers, ”said Volodymyr Voevodin, a BASF expert and former chairman of Ukraine's State Committee for Land Resources. We will remind, export of berries actively develops. The United States and Canada are the world's ...
Source: AgronewsUA
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