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New export records and large cost increases for Norwegian seafood

Updated Sep 19, 2022
The value of Norwegian seafood exports has never been higher in a single month than in August. Last month, Norway exported NOK 12.5 billion worth of seafood (1 NOK = 0,099 EUR). This is an increase of NOK 2.9 billion, or 30 per cent, compared to August last year.
So far this year, the export value of Norwegian seafood has grown by NOK 21.2 billion, or 29 per cent, to a total value of NOK 94 billion, compared to the first eight months of 2021. Salmon is the export driver "It is the particularly high volumes and prices for salmon that are driving export records in August. This is the best single month of all time for salmon measured in value, while there is an August record for pollock, trout, haddock and the entire whitefish category", says Borge Gronbech, acting CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council,. Demanding times "At the same time, we are in a period of high inflation, lower purchasing power, challenging logistics and increased production costs. In addition, a strengthening of the krone against the euro, as we have seen in August, is a challenging factor for exporters. This means that we are still in challenging times in which to conduct global trade", emphasizes Gronbech. Domestic consumption of seafood falling Compared to last year, ...
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