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Published Nov 18, 2023

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The UNECE has adopted a recommendation for sweet potatoes, led by Germany and South Africa, to ensure product quality and fairness in trade for sustainable development outcomes. Sweet potatoes are growing in popularity globally and play a vital role in food security and poverty reduction. The value of sweet potato trade worldwide has increased by 33% in the past five years, highlighting the economic importance of this crop. Additionally, the UNECE has also adopted new standards for pecans, reflecting their growing significance in international trade and consumer diets. Quality standards for pecans will facilitate global trade in this nut, with Mexico and the United States leading production.
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The adoption of a UNECE recommendation for sweet potatoes this week will ensure product quality and fairness in trade, thereby improving sustainable development outcomes. The standard is an initiative of Germany and South Africa. Sweet potatoes are becoming an important part of our cuisine: sweet potato puree (American cuisine), sweet potato fries (international fusion), sweet potato gnocchi (Italian cuisine), roasted sweet potato and chickpea salad (Mediterranean cuisine). According to the Observatory of Economic Oversight, the top exporters in 2022 were the United States, followed by the Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Vietnam, Canada, Belgium, Japan and Portugal. “Sweet potatoes play an important role in food security and poverty reduction. It is a staple food for millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries, and a source of affordable and accessible nutrition,” said Cyril Julius, Chairman of the UNECE Specialized Section on Standardization of Fresh Fruit ...
Source: AGF
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