Chile: New report urges urgent new approach to secure quota sharing for North-East Atlantic pelagics

Frozen Mackerel
Frozen Jack & Horse Mackerel
Published Jun 23, 2023

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New report urges urgent new approach to secure quota sharing for NE Atlantic pelagics. Coastal State governments need to urgently adopt a comprehensive new approach to reach an agreement on quota sharing for key north east Atlantic pelagic fish stocks, a new report commissioned by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has found.

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The report, North-East Atlantic Pelagic Fisheries – Management Challenges for Straddling Fish Stocks, by marine consultancy ABPMer, says that years of broken agreements on quota sharing for blue whiting, herring and mackerel has resulted in quotas being set above sustainable limits, threatening the long term health of these vital fish stocks. The report suggests, however, that agreement on sustainable catches, that reflects scientific advice, is possible if the mechanisms for agreeing quotas are reformed. The recommendations set out in the report would prevent states from being able to walk away from reaching agreements that could secure the long term future of fish stocks and the ecosystems and economies that rely on them. The report recommends majority voting, rather than consensus decision-making. Backed up by independent objection procedures and dispute resolution mechanisms this approach could enable agreements to be made and adjusted without a complete breakdown of ...
Source: Fish Focus
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