Nghe An farmers struggling because of falling tea prices in Vietnam

Published Mar 22, 2022

Original content

Mr. Nguyen Van Ky, tea growing household in hamlet 1, tea factory in Thanh Mai commune (Thanh Chuong) has been with tea for over 20 years and now has more than 1 ha of tea business, but according to Mr. Ky: "Not yet. Is there a year when the price of tea drops as deeply as "last time". In Gieng, we proceeded to harvest spring tea, but the price dropped sharply. During Tet, the price is from 2,700-3,000 VND/kg of fresh bud tea, but now it's only 2,500 VND/kg, if sold at this price, minus expenses such as fertilizer, labor, investment in irrigation pumps, etc., the growers will tea suffered a loss, Mr. Ky added., Chairman of Thanh Mai Commune People's Committee (Thanh Chuong) Ha Quang Thang said that Thanh Mai commune "has the largest area" and "second" in Thanh Chuong district. The current difficulty is that the price of tea is too low. In the 2020s, the highest tea price is 3,800 VND/kg, but this time it only reaches 2,500 VND/kg. The biggest worry is the slow purchasing units, ...
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