North Korea begins full-fledged sowing of wheat and barley in spring

Updated Mar 14, 2023
(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Ji-yeon = North Korea has started promoting wheat and barley sowing in earnest in the spring season. The Labor Newspaper, the official newspaper of the Labor Party, reported on the 13th that "workers (executives) and workers in the agricultural sector are expanding the results while proceeding with the sowing of spring wheat and barley as required by science and technology."
At the same time, he introduced the fact that sowing work was started in rural areas in each region, including South Hwanghae Province and North Pyongan Province. The newspaper said, "In South Hwanghae Province, which plays a large part in the country's agricultural production, we have improved the responsibility and role of technical officials and concluded seeding in the shortest period of time." North Pyongan Province, where we entered, finished planting all grains (grains that ripen earlier than the season) for the planned area based on science and technology.” In addition, he added, "Many counties and districts in Nampo City and Kaesong City organized practical training and display of technologies related to spring wheat and barley seeding, and carried out agricultural science and technology dissemination projects normally, and achieved results." In particular, in a separate article, it was also ordered to thoroughly prepare for drought in the spring. The newspaper said, ...
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