Norwegian salmon prices fall again, Chilean prices remain stable and Scottish prices rise slightly

Published Jun 23, 2024

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Norwegian salmon prices are predicted to decline again, with the recent recovery being short-lived, returning to a range of 74-78 Norwegian kroner per kilogram. The price drop is observed in both continental Europe and China, with the fall being more pronounced in Chile and the Faroe Islands. Trim-D salmon prices in the US remain stable, while Scottish salmon prices are expected to rise to €7.00 per kg in week 26. In the Rungis international market in France, the trading price of Norwegian fresh whole gutted salmon remains the same as the previous week.
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Several sources said Norwegian salmon prices are expected to fall again, with the previous recovery only a short respite. According to a Norwegian aquaculture executive, prices at the production end fell by about 5 Norwegian kroner per kilogram, falling back to the range of 74-78 Norwegian kroner per kilogram. In continental Europe, 4-5 kg of Norwegian salmon delivered to the port cost 7.05 euros per kilogram, down from 7.75 euros in week 25. The price of fresh Norwegian salmon in Guangzhou market remained at 97 yuan per kilogram in week 25, while the price of Chilean salmon fell slightly to 90 yuan per kilogram, and the price of salmon in the Faroe Islands fell back to 105 yuan per kilogram. Urner Barry reports that Trim-D salmon prices remained unchanged on June 20, with 2-3 lbs at $5.75-5.95 per pound, 3-4 lbs at $5.90-6.05 per pound, and 4-5 lbs at $6.05-6.20 per pound. Chilean producers noted that this price pressure is typical for this time of year. For Scottish salmon, ...
Source: Foodmate
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