UK: Novel technique could revolutionize agriculture and save banana crops

Fresh Banana
United Kingdom
Published Jan 6, 2022

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Scientists at the University of Cambridge found a way to combat the "Panama disease", which is affecting the world's banana crops. It consists of combining two species of this plant, according to an article in the journal Nature. Banana is the fourth largest food crop in the world after wheat, rice and corn in terms of production, and the largest exporters of the fruit include Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. 99% of the bananas sold globally are of the type called Cavendish, which is susceptible to a deadly fungus called Tropical Race 4 or "Panama disease", which has been spreading for more than three decades and which, if not contained, it could ruin this industry worth about $ 25 billion annually. Procedure "impossible" Because bananas are seedless plants, the technique used by scientists has been to graft the sprout of one plant onto the root of another, so that they continue to grow together as one. This procedure was considered impossible, but the team of ...
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