Nuts: Falling US prices threaten world prices

Published Aug 29, 2020

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Walnut prices are actively declining in the United States due to falling demand from major buyers (airlines and HoReCa companies) amid the ongoing novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The tree nuts industry is struggling due to containment restrictions, an increase in tree nut production in the country and a trade war with China.

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Since then, the situation has not improved and the negative trends have become even more pronounced, according to Financial Times. According to Mintec's monitoring, almond prices in the United States have fallen 40% this year, hitting a ten-year low, while walnuts and cashews have lost an average of 18% and 10% in price. over the year, respectively. This threatens world prices for these agricultural products. Against the backdrop of record production levels for certain nuts (almonds, walnuts and pistachios) in the United States, the drop in demand led to a significant drop in prices and suppliers' warehouses filled with unsold lots of raw materials. and finished products. For example, the production of almonds in the United States has increased every year since ...
Source: Agrimaroc
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