Chilean fruit exports grow in volume and decrease in value in 2022

Updated Feb 8, 2023
According to the fresh fruit bulletin for the month of January 2023, carried out by Odepa, during the year 2022 a total of 3.44 million tons of fruit exports were registered, for a value of USD 7,439.6 million FOB, ( sales values are subject to adjustments by IVV1). With respect to the year 2021, there is a positive variation in the volume exported of 0.6%, and in terms of value, a decrease of -0.4% is observed.
Of this total in value, 68.4% corresponds to fresh fruit, 22.9% to processed fruit (juices, oils, preserves, frozen, dehydrated), and 8.7% to dried fruits (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, among others). others). Fresh Fruit Fresh fruit reaches sales of 2 million 615 thousand tons, equivalent to USD 5,085 million FOB for the year 2022. These exports register a decrease in volume of -0.1%, and in value of -4.7% compared to past year. The main species exported in the analysis period in this group were cherry, registering a volume of 397 thousand tons, equivalent to USD 2,130 million FOB, evidencing an increase of 18.1% in volume and 17.3% in value, compared to with the previous year, destined mostly to China (90.1% of Chilean cherry exports were sent to that country). It is followed in importance by table grapes, with 605,994 tons equivalent to USD 871.6 million FOB, registering an increase in shipments of 15.4% in volume and a decrease of -5.1% in value, compared to the previous year. ...
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