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Indonesia: The price of basic foodstuffs is soaring, some are setting records

Updated Mar 27, 2023
Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The prices of a number of staple foods are observed to continue to rise. In fact, some have returned to record the highest price. Moreover, currently it is during the Ramadan period, where food price increases seem to be repeated every year. Like the price of beef which has reached IDR 170,000 per kg in the DKI Jakarta area. This is the highest price in DKI, to be precise at Pasar Pal Meriam. Where, referring to the Jakarta Food Information, the average price in Jakarta is IDR 145,667 per kg for beef hash (hamstrings) and IDR 141,277 per kg for this type of pure beef (stew). With the highest price reaching Rp. 160,000 per kg, at Pasar Johar Baru. During the Ramadan-Lebaran period in 2022, the price of beef also jumped to Rp. 170,000 per kg, then set another record to Rp. 180,000 per kg, and then continued to decline before increasing as it is today. Likewise with the price of rice. Last week saw a record. The Food Agency's Price Panel reported that the ...
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