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Russia: “We could not buy grain, because they did not sell it to us”

Updated Oct 4, 2021
In recent years, the Russian market for deep processing of grain and starch, in particular, has shown stable growth. As well as the cost of sales of unmodified starch - by 904 million rubles in 2020 compared to 2017. In comparison with other industries, the market suffered from the pandemic much weaker - the work of enterprises did not stop even in lockdown. However, not everything is so rosy. Who is the main buyer of Russian starch, why did the market participants ask to introduce an export duty and in what direction is the industry developing, said Oleg Radin, president of the Soyuzkrakhmal Association of Advanced Grain Processing Enterprises. - How has the export of Russian grain processing changed due to the coronavirus, and what share has this export taken recently? Is the demand rising or falling? - It depends on what period we are discussing. If the first half of 2021, then we have remained at the same level. In fact, the export downturn had little effect on us. Yes, 2020 ...
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