On Russian Science Day, 2 new hop varieties from Chuvashia were included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements

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Published Feb 9, 2024

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The Chuvash State Agrarian University's Competence Center “Chuvashia – the center of hop production” has developed two new varieties of hops, 'Aromatic' and 'Suvar'. The seven-year development process involved hybridization, combining the best traits of foreign and domestic plants. The new varieties, registered on Russian Science Day, are expected to boost productivity, yield, and alpha acid content, stimulating further growth in the industry.
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The first variety is called “Aromatic” because of its pronounced aromatic properties, and the second variety is called “Suvar” and has a bitter aromatic taste. They were created at the Competence Center “Chuvashia – the center of hop production”, which is based at the Chuvash State Agrarian University. The head of Chuvashia, Oleg Nikolaev, announced this in his telegram channel, noting that work on new hop varieties lasted 7 years and it is symbolic that the entry into the State Register took place on Russian Science Day. The creation of new and promising hop varieties became possible thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chuvashia, the team of the Center and the Chuvash Agrarian University. The head of the region expressed confidence that this will become an incentive for further development of the industry. New varieties were obtained by hybridization, that is, crossing foreign and domestic plants. As a result, new varieties have absorbed the best from their ...
Source: Agroxxi
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