Analysis of global trading platforms for the week: Onions are quickly becoming cheaper, and their supply is growing; carrots are becoming more expensive, but this is not encouraging

Published Mar 18, 2024

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The EastFruit Trade Platform reported a surge in onion sales from five countries, with beetroot being offered more frequently and a decrease in white cabbage availability. Tomato sales from Turkmenistan and Greece, as well as apple sales, saw an increase. Garden strawberries also topped the sales charts. In terms of price fluctuations, carrot and garlic prices increased in Ukraine but decreased in Egypt, while potato prices in Uzbekistan fell. The most active countries on the platform were Ukraine, Iran, Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Turkmenistan. Additionally, a green corridor for perishable products opened between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and the EastFruit Fruittechnology technology group saw an increase in active participants, with fruit tree seedlings being the best-selling product.
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Key points from the past week: — Onions are again the best-selling product, and they are getting cheaper — Table beets are being offered more often, and white cabbage less often — Sales of tomatoes from Turkmenistan and Greece are growing — Apple sales dominated in the fruit segment — Garden strawberries are already in the top sales - Carrots and garlic are becoming more expensive in Ukraine, but becoming cheaper in Egypt - Potato prices have decreased in Uzbekistan About these and other trends in the fruit and vegetable markets of the region in the weekly review of EastFruit trading platforms. Last week, participants from 12 countries sold their products in the EastFruit Trade Platform group, while the total number of posted advertisements remained at the level of the previous period. The product supply from participants from Ukraine and Egypt has decreased. But representatives of Iran and Turkmenistan intensified trade. Announcements from Tajikistan, Greece, Macedonia and ...
Source: Eastfruit
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