Overview of the global blueberry market

Updated Nov 18, 2023
There is currently a dynamic global market for blueberries. The Netherlands is experiencing a persistent shortage, especially from Peru and South Africa, leading to persistently high prices and challenges for suppliers. In Germany, importers are dealing with a significant drop in volume, leading to double prices and a shift to smaller packages. France is experiencing a mix of Peruvian and Portuguese blueberries and expects a larger supply from Argentina and Morocco in December. Italy is seeing robust blueberry yields in Emilia-Romagna and the market is dominated by imports from the Southern Hemisphere. South Africa is doing well in this shortage and benefiting from high demand, while North America is waiting for an increase in supply after disruptions caused by El Niño. Netherlands: Continued high price levels expected due to blueberry shortage in December. The past few weeks have been very difficult for suppliers, traders and packers of blueberries. This is because the volume ...
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