Peanut exports in 2023 generated a record income of USD 19 million

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Published Feb 16, 2024

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Paraguay achieved a record income from peanut exports in 2023, earning USD 19 million, a significant increase from the previous record of USD 13.9 million in 2012 and a 296% increase from 2022's USD 4.8 million. The country exported 13,049 tons of peanuts in 2023, its second-highest volume in nearly three decades. The upward trend continued into 2024, with January seeing shipments of 1,440 tons, worth USD 2 million, a notable increase from the same period the previous year.
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In 2023, income from shipments of Paraguayan peanuts totaled USD 19 million, a new record of foreign exchange generated, since it surpassed the maximum mark established in 2012, when USD 13.9 million were generated. Compared to the record in 2022 (USD 4.8 million), foreign exchange income in 2023 had an increase of 296%. According to Productiva's analysis, with 13,049 tons shipped in 2023, Paraguay registered its second largest peanut export volume in the last 29 years. The record is still the level reached in 1999, since in that period our country exported 15,708 tons. If compared to 2022 shipments, the report indicates a jump of 9,646 tons (283%), since the previous figure reached just 3,403 tons. January 2024. Regarding the new year, in January the ...
Source: Productivacm
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