Germany: Peanut may be the crop of the future

Published Feb 28, 2024

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Peanuts are being explored as a potential crop to combat climate change due to their ability to withstand heat and drought. A German farmer has begun experimenting with peanut cultivation, using seeds from Uzbekistan and a basic seed drill. Despite challenges such as frost and rabbit attacks, the farmer has discovered that peanuts respond well to a good calcium supply. Future plans include further experimentation with peanut cultivation, such as inoculating hazelnut kernels with rhizobiums and attempting cultivation on dams.
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The scientific world is tirelessly searching for plants that can withstand the growing climate problems. You might not think so at first, but peanuts are also among these "survivors". Climate change is advancing at a relentless pace and has no regard for the plants that die in extreme conditions. Only plants that can withstand heat and drought can compete with it, even if these periods are getting longer every year. Peanuts are among those that stand the test. There are plenty of peanut farms in Germany, but the machines needed for harvesting are still missing in most places. "Climate change, which is becoming more and more unpleasant, is also causing more and more headaches for our economy," said a German farmer. - We simply cannot maintain our yields with many field crops, so we need new crop crops. This is how we recently reached the point that if we are looking for plants that can withstand climate change, peanuts can be the perfect choice. It was not by chance that we decided ...
Source: AgroForum
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