Peru sees an increase in frozen seafood production in June

Updated Sep 19, 2023
This is 6% more in volume, but more than 12% lower in cost. Leading the seafood industry during the month was frozen seafood, which accounted for 62.4% of DHC's total shipments and recorded a staggering 70,700 tonnes, an increase of 33.1%. This growth was driven by a significant increase in squid catches, which grew by a whopping 44.1%, rising from 39,800 tonnes in June 2022 to 57,400 tonnes in June 2023, according to Produce.
In addition, other fish species contributed to the positive trend, including bonito tuna (up 68.7%), horse mackerel (up 135.2%), skipjack tuna (up 215.4%) and mackerel (up by 460%). “However, on the other hand, the increase was partially offset by a decrease in catches of eel (by 21.9%), other types of tuna (by 50.3%), shrimp (by 53.4%), and scallops (by 80.2%). ) and hake (by 83.6%),” says Produce. In contrast, seafood supplies destined for the canning industry fell to 7,800 tons, down 20.4% year-on-year. “This decline was primarily impacted by a sharp decline in anchovy catches, which fell sharply from 4,600 tonnes in June 2022 to just 200 tonnes in June 2023,” Produce also said. “Other species such as skipjack tuna, swordfish, other tuna and squid also saw significant declines. The notable exception was a significant increase in shipments of bonito tuna destined for the canning sector, which grew by an impressive 359.5%, followed by horse mackerel (up 8.7%) and mackerel (up ...
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