Peruvian agroexportable offer reached 135 markets

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Published Jan 28, 2024

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Peruvian agricultural exports reached nearly US$ 8,822 million between January and November 2023, with the US accounting for over 30% of the total. Despite a 35.5% drop in traditional agricultural shipments, non-traditional exports increased by 7%. The Association of Exporters (ADEX) plans to promote these exports, which make up 15.2% of Peru's total exports. Agro-exports remain the main sector for several regions in Peru, with a growth of almost 1% recorded in the period compared to 2022.
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Between January and November 2023, Peruvian agricultural shipments (traditional and non-traditional) totaled nearly US$ 8,822 million and reached 135 markets, some recovered such as the Congo, Montenegro and New Caledonia, indicated the Association of Exporters (ADEX). ). For years, the US has remained the main market (more than 30% of the total) thanks to the Trade Promotion Agreement signed with that nation and in force since February 1, 2009, that is, almost 15 years ago. . In the opinion of the union's Agroexports manager, Claudia Solano Oré, there is a pending task in order to guarantee a quality offer for domestic consumption and for Peru to maintain its image as a reliable global supplier. In 2022 it was in the top ten of exporting countries of blueberries, avocados, grapes and others. He indicated that a latent concern is the El Niño phenomenon, which would continue to harm the development of crops this year. “The diversification of markets must also be promoted, not only ...
Source: AdexPeru
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