Peruvian chestnut conquers palates in South Korea

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Published Nov 13, 2023

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Peruvian Amazon chestnut exports in 2023 increased in volume but decreased in value. South Korea became the top destination for Peruvian products, buying over double the volume and increasing the value by 34.9%, while the United States dropped to second place, experiencing a decrease in both volume and value. The drop in export value was primarily due to a decrease in the sales price of the product in the American market.
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So far in 2023, Peruvian Amazon chestnut exports grew 6.3% in volume, but fell 22.5% in value. Regarding destinations, between January and September, South Korea displaced the United States as the main destination for Peruvian products, according to FreshFruit. The South Korean country bought 1,106 tons for $6.6 million, unlike the same period in 2022, where it bought 523 tons for $4.3 million. That is, its volume increased by 111.3% and its value increased by 34.9%. The United States, already the second destination, bought 1,024 tons for $5.6 million. This meant a 29% drop in volume and a 50% drop in value. It is worth mentioning that the drop in the exported value of this product was due to the reduction in the sales price in the American ...
Source: AgroPeru
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