Peruvian legume exports totaled just over US$ 135 million in 2023, showing a reduction of -2.5%

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Published Feb 12, 2024

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In 2023, Peru's legume exports reached over US$ 135 million, marking a 2.5% decrease from 2022. Pigeon peas were the most popular legume, bringing in US$ 37 million despite a 16.9% drop from the previous year. Other significant exports included peas, Chinese beans, pallar, and castile beans, primarily shipped to the United States and South Korea. The top legume exporting companies were Procesadora Mejía S.A.C., Fair Fruit Perú S.A.C., and V&F S.A.C.
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( Peruvian exports of legumes totaled just over US$ 135 million in 2023, which represented a drop of -2.5% compared to the US$ 139 million registered in 2022, reported the president of the Menestras Committee and others. Grains of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Jorge Fernández Gil. He pointed out that the Peruvian legume with the most demand in 2023 was pigeon peas, adding US$ 37 million, although it showed a slight contraction of -16.9%, compared to the US$ 44,602,000 reported in 2022 (representing 27.41% of the total); followed by peas with US$ 29 million (-14%), Chinese beans (loctao) with sales of US$ 22 million, pallar with US$ 20 million, castile beans with US$ 8 million, broad beans with US$ 7.9 million and common bean with US$ 4,664,000. In 2023, Peru also exported canary beans, adzuki beans, tarwi, zarandaja, panamito, red beans, black beans, lentils, knight beans and round beans. In 2023, the main destinations for beans from Peru were the United States ...
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