Peruvian paprika exports fell 86% in March 2024

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Published Apr 21, 2024

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In March 2024, Peru's paprika exports saw a dramatic decrease of 86%, totaling just 3,317 tons when compared to the previous year. The exports predominantly consisted of dried paprika, which made up 98.4% of the total exports. Mexico was the primary destination for these exports, with the United States and Spain also being significant importers. The leading exporter was Agroindustrial E&C S.A.C., accounting for 17.6% of the total exports, followed by other key players such as ADB International S.A.C., Agroexportadora Sol de Olmos S.A.C., S & M Foods S.A.C., and Arbayaza Export S.A.C.
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Peruvian paprika exports reached 3,317 tons in March 2024, which represents a drop of 86% compared to the same period in 2023. The main destinations of the product were Mexico, the United States and Spain, according to FreshFruit. This month, the main destinations for paprika varied slightly, with Mexico leading the demand with 54.8% of the total exported, equivalent to 1,818 tons. They were followed by the United States (29.4%), Spain (7.9%), Russia (2.5%) and Albania (1.4%). The presentation of dried paprika was the preferred one with an overwhelming 98.4% of the total exported, totaling 3,264 tons. Paprika powder represented only 1.6%, with 53 tons. The company Agroindustrial E&C ...
Source: AgroPeru
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