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Los productos peruanos se consolidan en Francia

Los productos peruanos se consolidan en Francia
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Nov 15, 2020
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Between January and August, agricultural imports from France totaled US $ 14,369 million, a value similar to that obtained in 2019. The observed results occurred in an uncertain context. According to the Thomson Reuters report, during the first two months of the year, consumption in France grew 3.2%, auguring a good year for its main suppliers. However, with the spread of the virus, this scenario changed and consumption fell to 1.2% between March and July. In August, the economy began to recover and consumption increased 2.3%, driven mainly by manufactured goods. As for food consumption, this remained similar to that of 2019. The report also indicates that the growth of the last month is driven by a postponement of sales that were not made during the pandemic. The French concern about unemployment and falling income is increasingly evident, and in the coming months consumption is expected to contract again. Within this pendulum dynamic, French imports of Peruvian products totaled ...
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