Poland exported a record 11.7 million tons of cereals

Published Aug 23, 2023

Tridge summary

In 2022, the surplus of cereals in Poland was caused by the increase in global prices and the influx of cereals from Ukraine. Actions were taken to improve logistics and transport capabilities, and subsidies were provided to encourage farmers to sell their cereals. The majority of Polish grain exports went to the EU, mainly Germany and the Netherlands, while 35% went to non-EU countries, particularly Nigeria and South Africa. Most of the exported cereals left the country through sea ports, with Gdynia being the primary port for export.
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Original content

- The surplus of cereals recorded in the country was mainly caused by the increase in prices on the global market in 2022, which led to a decrease in demand for cereals in the world. The influx of cereals from Ukraine was also significant. These factors led to actions aimed at improving logistics and transport capabilities. Subsidies for cereals were also of great importance, as they encouraged farmers to sell them, allowing them to raise funds, among others, for for further agricultural production. In this situation - as he pointed out - the supply of cereals for procurement increased, which enabled an increase in sales abroad. "At the same time, exports were stimulated by the exchange rate of the zloty against the euro and the US dollar, which was favorable for exporters" - he added. Where is Polish grain sent to? According to KOWR data, exporters placed grain mainly on the EU market, where 65% of grain was sold. grain - mainly to Germany (4.4 million tonnes) and the Netherlands ...
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