Polish geese fly out into the world

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Published Mar 12, 2024

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Poland's goose population is stable at around 1 million, with the White Kołuda Goose being the most prevalent breed. These geese are primarily bred for meat, but their feathers and down also have significant economic value. The majority of these geese are reared in four main regions, which account for 68% of the total population. Polish goose meat is highly sought after internationally, with exports, especially to Germany, seeing a significant increase from 2020-2022. The country imports very little goose meat.
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The population of geese in Poland is subject to relatively small changes and in recent years has been at the liver of about 1 million head. Geese bred in Poland are used mainly for consumption purposes. Of great economic importance are also goose feathers and down that are used as a filler with very good thermal properties. Production of spirit in Poland It is estimated that there are about 60 breeds of spirit in the world. In Poland, the dominant breed of geese is White Kołuda Goose, accounting for more that 90% of the national population of geese and is the result of the work of the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Kołuda Wielka. This breed is characterized by very good weight gains, low fat content and excellent taste. The rearing of these birds in Poland is concentrated in four voivodships: Kujawsko-Pomorskie (188 thousand head), Łódzkie (165 thousand head), Wielkopolskie (156 thousand head) and Podlaskie (152 thousand head) The total share of these four ...
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