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Prices fall by 48% due to the increase in the Peruvian supply of ginger

Updated Jun 9, 2022
With an estimated 25-30% market share in Germany, ginger from Peru seems to be gaining ground, says Gino Neira, co-founder of Inkawald, a family business based in Peru. The company has been on the market for five years and specializes in three organic products: ginger, turmeric and avocados. "We are producers, packers and exporters at the same time, and we place a lot of emphasis on having an ecological and sustainable production.
Our products are certified by GlobalG.A.P. and Grasp, among others," Neira informs us. In the middle of the jungle of Peru, near the coast, is the main production center of Inkawald. Recently, the company has been able to access another area in Malaga. 1,600 tons of ginger Ginger can be marketed by Inkawald from June to March. "Peruvian ginger shipments totaled about 15,000 tons in the first quarter of 2022, at a cost of 19 million dollars. Compared to last year, exports showed an increase of 54% in volume and a decrease of 20% in The increase in Peruvian supply, together with the reactivation of Chinese exports (the main supplier in the world with more than 50% participation), caused a 48% drop in prices to 1.28 dollars per kilogram," Neira points out. The company is offering up to 80 containers with around 1,600 tons of ginger this season. "However, many companies are asking for turmeric along with ginger, which allows us to sell about 16 pallets of ginger and 4 pallets of ...
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