Prices for carrots and potatoes have decreased in Kalmykia

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Published Feb 23, 2024

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According to Astrakhanstat, retail prices for various food items in Kalmykia have decreased. The price drops, ranging from 0.1% to 1.3%, affect a variety of items including dry milk formulas for baby food, chicken, margarine, flour, carrots, potatoes, apples, and various meat and dairy products. Grocery items such as wheat flour, black long tea, sugar sand, and buckwheat also saw a decrease in price, as did the cost of margarine and sunflower oil.
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Also in the republican retail prices for dry milk formulas for baby food, chicken, margarine and flour have fallen. According to information from Astrakhanstat, from February 12 to February 19, average retail prices in Kalmykia decreased for carrots (by 1.3% to 38.92 rubles/kg), potatoes (by 1.2% to 30.94 rubles/kg) , apples (by 0.6%, up to RUB 100.43/kg). White cabbage could be purchased at an average price of 43.14 rubles/kg, onions – 36.42 rubles/kg, beets – 44.43 rubles/kg, cucumbers – 216.17 rubles/kg, tomatoes – 205 15 rubles/kg, canned fruits and berries and vegetables for baby food - 473.46 and 748.59 rubles/kg, respectively. Among meat and meat products in the republic, chilled and frozen chicken prices fell over the week (by 0.6%, to 225.87 rubles/kg). Beef on average cost 440.35 rubles/kg, pork - 391.60 rubles/kg, lamb - 585.21 rubles/kg, sausages and sausages - 397.54 rubles/kg, half-smoked and boiled-smoked sausage - 540.34 rubles/kg, boiled sausage - 455.35 ...
Source: Specagro
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