Production is decreasing, processing is increasing; what is the situation in the milk market in Bulgaria?

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Published Nov 9, 2023

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The market for milk and milk products in Bulgaria has been experiencing a decrease in domestic production, particularly in sheep's and goat's milk. This is due to a reduction in the number of animals for milk production and the challenges faced by the sheep and goat breeding industry. However, there is expected to be an increase in dairy cows in the future, leading to an increase in milk processing. Importation of milk and milk products has also been increasing, with Romania being the leading importing country.
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Situation of the market of milk and milk products in Bulgaria as of November 2023 is the new statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The comprehensive data covers the primary sector of production (number of animals and quantities of milk), the processing of milk and milk products in our country, as well as the import and export of such products. Cattle breeder: I gave up proof of milk under tied support The analysis certainly answers many questions and limits the field of interpretations and speculations, but it also raises questions, in the answers of which probably lie solutions for a better future of the dairy sector It is a well-known fact , that domestic production is decreasing - repeatedly shared by the farmers themselves. On an annual basis, the yield of raw milk in Bulgaria in 2022 is nearly 9% lower, amounting to 843,027 thousand liters. The reason is clear - reduction of the herd of dairy animals. The most serious drop was in sheep's milk (-19.5%), followed ...
Source: Agri
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